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Some Inspiring Ladies

Jackie Misshula

As a follow up from the last blog post and a thank you to our tribe, there are some LADY BOSSES that need a special call out as they have not only been inspiring, but also mentors during the launch of our business (and are all small business owners!).  There were many moments in the process when it would have been easy to quit as I felt like I was failing and was frustrated from all of the challenges along the way - I doubted myself and thought we couldn't do it - but these ladies (and of course my husband/co-founder Lewis) helped keep me on track.  I don't mean to sound naive, but I thought it would be MUCH easier to launch Mo Green than it was.  What started as a mat leave idea, quickly turned into a real business.  These are some of the woman in our life who deserve a special shout out. 

One of the first people I met with to share our idea and get some business advice was Jamie from Toronto Yoga Mamas.  We bounced ideas off about the brand, our logo, and how to get things started.  She invited us to have a table at her Summer Social pop up event and told us that we had to be ready for July 20th (this was back in April and seemed very far away).  Jamie gave us a deadline and wanted to make sure that we would meet it.  Little did we know how quickly that date would approach and how we ended up being down to the wire (literally picking up product at 9pm the night before the show).  If we didn't have that date to work towards, we might still be in brainstorming mode so we owe it to Jamie for helping us kick it into action.  She also has a beautiful online store with curated goods for the mama community (go check out her stuff!).

Once we nailed down our brand and decided to actually make this happen, we reached out to Sarah from Wilde Designs as I loved what she was up to with her design business.  We used to work at the same company and I knew Sarah did some wonderful work.  She's based in Vancouver and we are in Toronto so we did all our meetings over the phone and email.  Without being face to face, she still immediately got our vision for Mo Green and helped us build out our brand, logo, and all of our tshirt designs.  Sarah is the creative force behind our brand and we could have never done this without her and her professional work!  She wrote a blog post about our partnership.  We can't wait to work with her on our next round of shirts.

My friend Ana is an inspiration as I'm always amazed at how she balances it all - she has a full time job as a project manager, two small children, a very successful blog and a gorgeous online children's store called Rufus and Murdog.  I reached out to Ana many times along the way for advice on getting started and asked her for ideas for our first photo shoot.  She immediately volunteered to take pictures for us!  She showed up on a hot sweaty day and helped us wrangle 6 babies for the photos on our website.  Ana has been just a text or phone call away and quickly responds to my random small business questions.  She is up to some BIG stuff and we are so lucky that we can learn from her (and that she took our beautiful photos!).






One of our closest friends Izabela has started many of her own businesses including her latest venture into the world of jewelry with Iza Jewelry.  I remember when it was just an idea after she designed one ring and everyone asked her where she bought it.  I even borrowed it for a while because I loved it so much.  Fast forward a few years later and Bella now has completed two absolutely stunning collections.  Bella has been the person I've phoned when I completely doubted myself, ran into some major roadblocks, and just needed to vent.  She kept me focused on our goals, gave me lots of perspective from her own learnings, and was my photoshop expert.  Most of all, she just listened when I needed it most.  I now have even more respect for all of the work and time that she has given to Iza and applaud her for never giving up.



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