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Jackie Misshula

It's been just over a week since launching Mo Green Clothing Co. and to top it off, it's also been a crazy (life-changing) week personally, but we have survived and are celebrating what we deem to be success.  I applaud every person who has ever started their own business! Thank you for all your support, posts, check-ins, shares, likes, visits, coming to our launch, pictures, checking out our site, and all of the other great things you have done to help get our small business up and running. 




I keep going back to the story behind the "We Are All In This Together" design and these words are even more true today than when I first came up with the idea.  It's figuring out when and who to ask for help and also when it's okay to say no.  And as cliche as this sounds, it's truly the people in your life that matter most so you better surround yourself with some good ones (we sure have).  

I recently read a post from Motherlucker - a blog I personally feel very connected with as the author's son is just a few months older than Mo Green - and agree that we need our tribe no matter what it is (work tribe, parent tribe, life tribe).  Thank you to all who are on this adventure with us and a part of our tribe both near and far.  Who's in your tribe and have you thanked them lately?

We sure are all in this together...


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